Shrub Information at the Garden Centre

Layout of a Shrub Shelf Label

  • On the left hand side there will normally be a picture of the shrub in its main season of interest
  • The description will contain the plant's Latin and common names. If the Royal Horticultural Society has given the plant an award of garden merit, this will be indicated.
  • A Grey Rabbit indicates that the plant is not normally eaten by rabbits
  • The Bee indicates that the plant is good for pollinators (bees and/or butterflies). Please try and include these plants in your garden.
  • Come and visit us to see our great range of shrubs and get the perfect plant for your garden.

Ceanothus concha

Fuchsia versicolour

Rabbit Resistant Plants and Pollinator (bees and butterflies) friendly

We are often asked for advice about plants that rabbits will not eat. We have produced a list of plants that in our experience are not eaten by rabbits. We stock most of the plants on the list at the Garden Centre. here to view the list for rabbit resistant plants.

Click here to view the list of plants that are pollinator (bees and butterflies) friendly. The list is a copy of the RHS 'Perfect for Pollinators' plant list available from the RHS website. We have highlighted plants that we regularly stock at the Garden Centre. We can often get other plants listed if required, please just ask our friendly staff. When you visit the Garden Centre, shrubs that are pollinator friendly and/or rabbit resistant are highlighted on the shelf label with a 'bee' or 'rabbit' logo!!