Hedging Plants for Skye

Several of our shrubs make good hedging plants. Hedging shrubs are supplied in 2 or 3 litre pots and are available for  £4.99 each (for  a minimum of 10 plants).


We can normally supply hedging on request but if you want an enormous amount (more than 100 plants of one type....we will grow it for you if you don't mind waiting!)

Typical hedging is as shown below -

escallonia macranthaEscallonia macrantha. 

This glossy evergreen shrub will make an attractive hedge. It has bright red bunches of flowers in June and July, it is tolerant of salt, attractive to bees and grows well on Skye. It can be trimmed with shears or a hedge cutter.

Olearia macrodontaOlearia, or the daisy bushes, are some of the best evergreen shrubs for use in coastal areas, making excellent hedges and windbreaks. We grow Olearia Macrodonta (shown above), Olearia Tweedledum and Olearia x hastii for hedging. Olearia macrodonta is also known as the New Zealand holly because of its spiky leaves. They are an attractive sage green, with a silvery-white underside, and produce fragrant broad panicles of flowers in June.

fuchsia magellanicaFuchsia magellanica is popularly planted here on Skye for hedging (can be seen all over the place when in flower!) and it does indeed make a great flowering hedge. It is upright and vigorous (can reach 3m) but equally can be hard pruned after flowering to keep at a more manageable height (good at 1.5m to 2.0m). We are told that it is resistant to rabbits (although no guarantees!).